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Below I’ve answered some of the questions I get asked most often.

What’s your expertise?

Consistantly conceiving original and unique visuals to be used in digital production, online advertising and digital marketing. Using sophisticated techniques and applying professional creative flair to produce artistically superior and effective products. Imprinting a unique style within brand standards, adding higher engagement to the final creative. With a background also covering the lastest in big data, programmatic delivery, social trends, campaign metrics and analytics. I am capable of producing measurable results while balancing design & technology entirely hands on.

With digital media spending out-pacing all other previous forms of content and marketing (ie: print, broadcast). Its never been more important to have a unified digital presence and creative direction

Keeping familiar with graphic design trends, utilizing vivid imagery and strong typography to communicate a clients or business’s visual style, expression, idea or concept. I design digital formats for executions such as advertisements for publication, social media, blogs, emails/eblasts, presentations, video’s and more. Graphic design is my primary core skill and solid foundation upon which all the other abilities listed below are an extension of.
Graphical elements register in the brain almost instantaneously. In a world where we are bombarded with media in many different forms, visual creative has never been more important.

Motion graphic animation has found a new home amoung digital content. It can be use to enhance video promos, presentations, video intros, animated logos, commercial advertising and personal projects. I create exceptionally effective art and creative direction styles within social media posts for highest engagement. Motion graphics has many implementations that may be the solution you’ve been looking for as this becomes more common place in almost all area’s of media. The Future is in Motion.

Motion graphic animation can add richness to almost any application and constantly increases consumer or end user engagement.

With a unique style emphasizing rich animation and pushing the technological limits to create the highest level HTML5 animated and interactive digital display banners. Developing campaigns in the latest industry standard software (Google Web Designer, Animate CC) as per specifications or even hand-coding them using helpful lightweight javascript libraries (GSAP, Greensock, Tweenlite). Having designed and developed thousands of display ad campaigns I have the knowledge required to make your ads stand out in a crowded marketplace. I develop highly engaging end-user advertising experiences to help drive home the client message, increase site traffic, metrics and overall sales. 

Whether you need a Facebook Carousel, Snapchat Filter or Instagram Canvas. I produce both custom imagery and animated videos to help increase interactions with social media posts. With experience in social media since its inception, I can effectively spread you or your companies message and help reach your campaign goals. Motion is especially the key here, to design native content utilizing any form of motion is better then static and will improve metrics all around.

Companion visuals along side social posts have been shown to have 90% better interaction rates then those without. Social video is increasingly engaging 14% better year over year and is the best method to convey both simple and complex communications over social media

Digital video post production, editing, motion-graphics, transitions, stitching, sound and video effects added or simply need to trim, reformat or convert a video to meet deliverable specifications, I am capable of producing the desired results.

Highest quality photo editing expertise. This is probably the first skill I developed during its digital infancy. Photo retouching, restoration, colour correction, clipping, cropping, web optimization and GIF/JPG/PNG creation are just a few of the skills I have mastered. I can create entirely custom images that maintain photo realisim or reflect many different photographic styles and/or genres.

What’s your work history?

Having opportunities to both freelance and work as an employee, I’ve been lucky enough to work with over 300+ brands and agencies in my career.  Please visit my LinkedIn for a full history.    

What’s your educational background?
I attended Loyalist college in eastern Ontario for which is recognized for superior programs in visual communications.  Graduating with honors as top of my class in new media production and animation.

Why the personal branding?
The future of digital is all about personal influence branding.  It’s very important in this digital age that I make my statement and assert my expertise in digital media production.  Creators are the future of media and advertising, so why not brand it to differentiate myself. 

Why independent?
When I create a unique piece of creative for a client, I want to build a report and personalize that product to meet that clients needs.  Working with a freelancer like myself delivers custom results without corporate roadblocks. This allows gears to shift quickly in all directions. 

Do you have employees?
No esprocreative is my sole-proprietorship.  It’s my personal brand, the projected image in which I choose to sell myself, skills and services. At times however, I have utilized other independent creators both out-sourcing overflow work and through sponsors, collaborations and partnerships.    

You know code?
Yes, I have a rare hybrid duality in my skill set.  In addition to creating great designs and I can also code front-end javascript and html.  I’m also familiar enough with many other languages to understand what they are doing to utilize them as needed (.php, .aspx, .net, etc).

Do you know strategy?
Yes of course, I started my career at an adserver agency.  Although creative production was offered. Rich media digital adserving was the primary product so strategy was built into all the conversations internally.  Even tho I wasn’t an analyst those measurements and metrics became part of my everyday language, and after being in the field with other designers, I discovered was very rare.  I approach design with 15 years of digital analytics into what has worked and what hasn’t. I also know the range of all different types of media from one end to the other so I know the technical limitations better than most and can push the boundaries further than other designers because of this.  This is what elevates my creative and is one way that sets me apart . I approach strategy from the creative perspective first then marketing. Most strategists do it in reverse.

Any Certifications
I’m Certified by Google Ads for HTML5 Display banner Ad Production,  I can create very detailed HTML5 animations which as I’ve mentioned is rare at this junction in time.  While not a certification, I have also been on the judging panel of the Canadian Online Publishing Awards for the past 4 years for the categories of Best in Social, Best in Digital, Best in Video and Best in News Broadcast.

Tell me something that not on your resume.
Being in nature as regularly as possible is extremely important to me, whether it be 20 minutes in a park, taking a hike in a forest, relaxing lakeside on a patio, at the harbour, or chilling on the beach.  Even in the cooler months, I’ve been known to get outdoors.

The esprocreative studio website was created as a place to showcase a selection of my portfolio works.

If there’s something else you’d like to know, or would like to contact me about a contract or freelance project.  Please reach out by email at escott@esprocreative.com.

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Eric Scott
Digital Creator – Multimedia Production