Older Adobe software no longer valid

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Last week Adobe removed older versions of their software available for download from the creative cloud. As reported by Dailymail and Vice the tech giant has politely reminded consumers of their updated service agreement and that using the older software may open them up to litigation from 3rd parties.

I’m not entirely surprise by this move. Adobe moved away from the disc to subscription based model nearly 6 years ago. Not everyone has been keen to adopt the new model of essentially renting the software rather then owning it. As someone that works with this collection of software daily, I have to say I can’t imagine using versions 5.5 or earlier. For me the benefits of the Creative Cloud far outweigh the costs of the subscription.

It seems most people on the internet are concerned with the price of this subscription model but it’s actually really affordable when you consider the alternative. Let’s put it this way. In 2010 to purchase the Adobe master collection DVD, that included all their software at that time, you would have been paying upwards of $1200. Even today if you went out and priced a suitable replacement for each piece of software included in Adobe’s subscription lineup, you’d be looking at several thousands of dollars. Sure they’d be a one time purchase but then your stuck with the same old software. If bugs/glitches are discovered, they may get patched and but often times they don’t and you just have to work around them.

For a nominal price, you get access to completely up-to-date software with all the bells and whistles. Anytime a update is available, you have access to it immediately. Having the latest tools is a time saver. Some of the things we used to do manually can be done with automation now. For instance content-aware in Photoshop and now After Effects has changed my life.

Also the integration of Adobe bridge and cloud storage, allows files to be moved in and out of one program to the next or from one device to another, seamlessly. I can be out in the field and use Adobe capture, Adobe Sketch or Adobe Draw all on my phone to pull inspiration out of my environment and then when I get to the studio immediate access those assets right in Photoshop or illustrator for easy editing or integration in my projects. There just aren’t any other options out there for these brilliant modern conveniences. They save me a ton of time. More recently they’ve integrated Adobe Stock directly inside applications, making that process much simpler as well. I personally prefer using original art/photo/video but that’s not always possible and Adobe Stock has definitely improved that workflow.

So listen, if your in the market to upgrade. There’s never been a better time. I got you!! Save even more by clicking my affiliate link banner below.

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