Sales as a introvert

sales introvert

In today’s saturated business world if you want to be recognized you have to shout it from the rooftops. For the introvert, this can seem daunting. Today I’m discussing some of the sales techniques that have worked for me as someone that identifies 100% as an introvert. These tactics may be considered too subtle for an extrovert but after 5 years of successful practice nothing that’s even remotely effective should be overlooked with today’s tight margins.

Companies that need help are looking for it everywhere. Job listings are gold mines. When you see a company is looking for an employee, consider offering them an alternative that costs them less or has greater benefits. Lifting the weight off a company by offering to outsource that particular area they need help with can be very effective. Of course this may not work all the time but perhaps the next time they come to a full stop or a bind that needs immediate attention they may consider it as an option.

Another tactic is to interact with your target digitally. Regardless of whether it’s a specific company or individual, be sure to comment on and share things they post on social media sites. Giving recognition where it’s due helps draw focus to you subtly. Once you believe your target is aware of your efforts, message them privately and soft pitch how you can help them. This is way more effective then cold calling or requesting a connection and then immediately trying to pitch your services.

Networking events can be scary. The thought of being in a room with hundred of strangers gives me anxiety just thinking about it. No one can possibly be more awkward then me in these situations but since I’ve had to attend at least a few, I’ve learned a couple secrets that work wonders for me. First thing first, choose your events carefully. You want to ensure your efforts are with the right people. Do your research to ensure you’ll have the opportunity to exchange with the right demographic for your business offerings. At the event whenever things start to feel awkward which inevitably they will, lead the conversation with “What brings you to this event”. People love to talk about themselves and given the opportunity as they go on they will subconsciously begin to trust you. Trust is key to sales. Keep them talking and eventually they will ask what you do, that’s when you give the soft pitch. It’s important you don’t try it until they ask though and if they don’t, when the signs are there that the conversation is wrapping up, casually hand them your business card and say “It was nice to meet you, reach out if you ever need {whatever your selling}”. Although these events are often all about networking, no one wants to speak to salesman after salesman. Keep it light & casual.

Reaching out to old work colleagues you’ve lost touch with can be extremely effective. The reason this is often so effective is because these colleagues often already know your value and trust has already been established so you don’t have to push as hard for the sale. Don’t take for granted the wonderful people you’ve worked with, I certainly don’t and it’s paid off.

So these are some of the more subtle approaches I’ve taken to sales as a full blown introvert. As always I invite you to leave your comments and discuss further, do you have a tactic that’s fitting for this personally type? Join the conversation.

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