Hi there, I’m Eric Scott. 

Welcome to esprocreative, my digital portfolio.
Thanks so much for visiting.

What would you like to know about me?

What do you do?
I’m a digital art director and media producer.  To some this might be a vague answer, so to elaborate, I make art & media typically for consumer consumption either in the form of content or communications. Like Advertising or programming.

What’s your expertise?
Graphic design of course is the foundation from which everything else I do is built on.  I design for all types of digital advertising media.   

  • Digital art & creative direction
  • Graphic & new media design
  • Motion graphics/animation/vector Illustration
  • Interactive user experience/ interface design
  • HTML5 display banner ad production
  • Social media image & video production
  • Digital video production, editing, grading and conversion
  • Digital photo manipulation/photo editing/restoration

What’s your work history?
Having opportunities to both freelance and work as an employee, I’ve been lucky enough to work with several hundreds of brands in my career.  Please visit my LinkedIn for a full history.    

What’s your educational background?
I attended Loyalist college in eastern Ontario for which it’s recognized for superior programs in visual communications.  Graduating top of my class in New media production and animation.

Why the personal branding?
I work in advertising.  The future of digital is all about personal influence branding.  It’s very important in this digital age that I make my statement and assert my expertise in digital media production.  Creators are the future of media and advertising, so why not brand it to differentiate myself. 

Why independent?
When I create a unique piece of creative for a client, I want to build a report and personalize that product to meet that clients needs.  Working with a freelancer like myself delivers custom results without corporate roadblocks. This allows gears to shift quickly in all directions. 

Do you have employees?
No esprocreative is my sole-proprietorship.  It’s my personal brand, the projected image in which I chose to sell myself and my skills. At times however, I have utilized other independent creators both out-sourcing overflow work and through sponsors, collaborations and partnerships.    

You know code?
Yes, I have a rare hybrid duality to my logic.  In addition to creating great designs and I can also code front-end javascript and html.  I’m also familiar enough with many other languages to understand what they are doing to utilize them as needed.

Do you know strategy?
Yes of course, I started my career at an adserver agency.  Although creative production was offered. Rich media Digital Adserving was the primary product so strategy was built into all the conversations internally.  Even tho I wasn’t an analyst those measurements and metrics become part of my everyday language, and after being in the field with other designers, I discovered was very rare.  I approach design with 15 years of digital analytics into what has worked and what hasn’t. I also know the range of all different types of media from one end to the other so I know the technical limitations better than most and can push the boundaries further than other designers because of this.  This is what elevates my creative and is one way that sets me apart . I approach strategy from the creative perspective first then marketing. Most strategists do it in reverse if they consider the creative at all.   

Any Certifications
I’m Certified by Google Ads for HTML5 Display banner Ad Production,  I can create very detailed HTML5 animations which is kinda rare at this junction in time.  While not a certification, I have also been on the judging panel of the Canadian Online Publishing Awards for the past 4 years.

Tell me something that not on your resume.
Being in nature as regularly as possible is extremely important to me, whether it be 20 minutes in a park, taking a hike in a forest, relaxing lakeside on a patio, at the harbour, or chilling on the beach.  Even in the cooler months, I’ve been known to get outdoors.

The esprocreative studio was created in response to a shift in demand from advertisers, brands, publishers, cross-content creators and small business owners all utilizing more in-house marketing strategies, however still requiring an occasional freelance partner to extend their in-house capabilities.  Offering end-to-end creative production as well as custom stock photography & footage capture.

With esprocreative, you are working directly with a creative expert, hands-on in the field, day to day.  This saves not only time but also a great deal of money as there are little to no overhead costs.   In my studio, I create entirely custom creative from one end to the other using sophisticated industry software and all of our work is 100% original.  This is primarily one of my greatest differentiators, as I don’t use predictable and overused templates in my creative.  Because you’re working with a media expert, I can create and/or capture the visuals required for every project.  At this moment in time templated video simply can’t compete with the engagement of entirely custom animation, which is what I focus and specialize in for multiple media types.  Custom creative also allows for greater complexity with nearly no limitation to ones imagination. 

Eric Scott – Digital Creative Director/Media Producer