Content-marketing meets influencer

influencer content

As digital advertising dollars slowly shift away from paid search and display, content and video reign supreme. Never before have we seen such a shift. For nearly 50 years the industry has more or less followed the same model. But no more. Digital has once again evolved to allow ever greater reach from even the smallest of players, to compete and take a little nibble out of the big media pie. But what’s coming you ask?

Right now, we are on the cusp of what I believe to be a complete merger of content and influencer marketing. We here at esprocreative are sort of a witness to this first hand as we produce both media types regularly, both for clientele and for our own blog and social channels. I imagine most intuitive creators feel the shift. As an example with esprocreative’s current Instagram following we are considered a “micro-influencer”. We’ve recently seen an increase in interest to leverage this home-grown and very trust oriented niche of followers in new ways. Our Instagram has always been a digital playground just to show off fun things we create but there may be subtle ways in which we can monetize in the future by crossing and blurring the lines between content creation and influencer. And believe it or not, you may be able to leverage these opportunities also.

Ya…we might be at a bit of an advantage here because we’ve been creating advertising for 15 years. Technically it’s all content, or at least potential inspiration that can be recycled or reinterpreted within the new model. But don’t worry, anyone can offer this as a service with a following as few as a 100 followers. Micro and Nano-influencers, are generally found to have much higher engagement and because of this advertisers seek these audience accounts. They’re often considered more trustworthy and recommendations through these accounts often feel more genuine.

We predict going into 2020, that influencers that have a solid content strategy will see this growing niche expand as brand’s approach to utilize your audience. The trick though is to keep it genuine and to keep it smaller scale. If you get too large or your engagement falls you may find scaling up isn’t always as lucrative. In Canada, we are often influenced most by those around us. Yes, we follow those American accounts with multiple millions of followers, but we are less likely to follow them blindly without that small bit of established trust. This tiny amount of trust is the hinge between buy or don’t buy and should not be underestimated in your content strategy.

Next time mix it up. Add a little influence (nano or micro influencers) and see your content engagement increase exponentially. Interested in having your brand featured through our content-influencer strategy. Consider booking a consultation. Or if you are like us, with a smaller influence, interested in monetizing. Leave a comment below with your social handles.