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Display Advertising 
HTML5 banner ad technologies and is serve along side content on the web. Much like this blog post. Often the content of the page and the users cookies are scanned by a programmatic DSP like Google Ads to establish a demographic segment suitable for advertisers to bid on based on a number of additional factors. This type often needs a bit monitoring and optimizing. These ads are generally designed to stand out rather then blend in and while they don’t usually have a high click-through rate they do generate the some of the highest awareness aside from video.

Cost Per Click
Speaks for itself. CPC ads are designed so that advertisers only pay when a user clicks on the advertisement. These are usually text based ads that are served up along search items or any other places you regularly see text ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Helps to increase a websites rank in search engine results. Advertisers use this organic type of digital advertising in various ways. Targeting keywords and meta descriptions. Also linking to other reputable sites. This blog post is in fact a example of SEO. As it has many keywords contained within the copy that are relevant to our services and product offerings.

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Social Media
If you don’t have social media, you are possibly creating huge road blocks for yourself and/or company. More then half of all advertising is being produced for and served on social media. At this time there are 3.48 billion social media users, statistically speaking that’s half the world population and the other half, well probably isn’t capable of purchasing anything anyway. So there’s the potential to capture a very high percentage of the worlds spenders. Now we are talking.

Social media has two types of advertising inherit within. Organic and paid.

Organic used to be pretty easy. As a publisher or content creator you could post virtual everything to your feed and a good majority of your followers would see it. However in more recent years algorithms have been modified to favor content from your closest friends and paid ads. Now you can still get some organic engagement and reach but it’s limited to user’s liking and sharing to make the content reach beyond the initial following. It’s hard to get that engagement these days, with so much media competing for it. There are definitely a few techniques we’ve mastered to get a high engagement among your following, however reaching beyond that takes more then hashtags and good creative. And that’s where paid social media steps in.

Paid social media is almost required if you want to reach a large following. The great thing about social media is that all the users are neatly cataloged into demographic segments. So paid advertising on social is more effective then perhaps a commercial on television. Sure that television ad generates huge awareness but social ads convert in the short term. You really don’t know how those television spots are driving business with complete accuracy. Social ads can be measured. So you can really tell if something is working or not.

Native Advertising
Advertising that is designed to fit in with the content on the page. Often these posts are marked with “sponsored” but are so precisely created to blend in with the design of the page, it’s quite easy to overlook it and click on those catchy thumbnails. Sometimes you may see things like recommend readings or other liked suggestions, this is also often native advertising.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is used primarily by bloggers and social media influencers. In short the affiliate promotes a 3rd party product and earns a commission for each sale they generate. As of 2019 in Canada it has become law that content creators must use full disclosure when they are being sponsored or provided with an affiliate coupon code.

Remarketing is a type of online advertising that is targeted to a user that has already once been to your website. This is based on cookie technology and interprets user data to serve relevant ads and increase the potential of a user returning to the site.

Video Ads
Video ads are growing in popularity, as they have one of the highest clickthrough rates. especially with millenial and x-generation of consumers. These come in bumper, pre-roll, mid-roll and cap. Most effective are skippable or short form (less then 10 seconds). With video media out-pacing all other forms of media, video has really never been more important. Up until recently there really hasn’t been solutions to have it custom created affordably, but things are changing for the industry as a whole. While typically most time consuming to create, the stats agree video ads perform best. It also helps that a good majority of ad budgets are being focused on digital video. Both for content and tradition.

Did we miss any? Yes of course we did. There really are a ton of ways to advertise. We don’t claim to be the master of online strategy. We claim the title. Master creator. We make YOUR strategy, no matter what it is, perform its best digitally through art and motion. And look dam good too.

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