Digital Marketing from a creative perspective


We help you increase sales, brand, strategy, digital marketing, return on investment. Bet you’re hearing that a lot. The industry is saturated with marketers. One thing the market is not saturated in, is highly capable creatives to produce the media they need for the strategies success.

You can have a strong brand and a solid strategy but without awesome creative geared to reach our youngest generations, you may feel as though you are pushing the cart up hill. That’s because you are. Digital marketing needs out-of-the-box thinking these days. You can’t reformat the commercials that use to work for television and expect them to work with our newest generations. We live in a on-demand world and our marketing needs to meet millennial’s and gen-z’ers on their terms in order to win their trust.

Knowing what has the potential to work with these audiences, isn’t really something you graduate school possessing. Every advertiser, brand and product is also completely different and often need variable creative approaches depending on placement and target demographic. In the same way strategy is different from platform to platform. Generally new graduates, have impressive portfolio’s but are unable to translate their unique design styles into their clients already formed brands or ideas. This take years to grasp and even more to master.

At this point in time, social media is king. I myself consume more ads on social then anyplace else. For the foreseeable future, it’s predicted for continued growth for many more years before we see a decline. More and more content creators are on the up and up but don’t be fooled. Templates and stock photography are great resources for startup creators right now but just wait until every ad you see looks like came from the factory. In fact we are beginning to see that already. While templated creative is inexpensive to create, it can sometimes also look cheap and repetitive. This isn’t the kind of advertising that will capture larger audiences. If anything, it’s bound to increase ad blindness.

Unique experiences are what resonates with the next generation. Creating advertising within content. Advertising that’s somewhat hidden within the creative.

For instance:

Newsletter campaign for CBC summer 2017

This piece resignates with the consumer reinforcing the CBC-Radio/Canada branding without pushing it in your face. The looping animation is eye-catching but also subtle. To improve upon this, we could even remove the copy all together and instead place that in the post. This would most definitely increase engagement but may decrease the overall message. This is why its extremely important for your designers to understand what works and why so they can leverage those variables to meet your targeted criteria.

The next time your working through your digital strategy. Consider bringing your creative partner or employee on-board early so they can consult on custom content that will perform best for the platforms your targeting, rather then creating a whole campaign based in key art and cookie cutter cropping that to fit in a bunch of static boxes. This approach merely checks boxes on a media plan and doesn’t necessarily work in this ever evolving marketplace. Consider custom creative.